Town and Country Resort – San Diego, CA

This is suspossed to be a 5 star resort. Not. The price was great, but that’s about it.

We stayed there for one week and a couple of waitresses and gift shop staff was not overly friendly for most of our stay. The property looks great in the front (its spread out over 23 acres) but there are few sidewalks and you have to walk in the road way and keep an eye out for cars and errent golf carts zipping around. Not safe if you have little kids walking with you.

The rooms were clean, but very small and cramped. Our double bed had bottom sheets that did not cover the entire mattress and we arrived back to our room one evening to find our window wide open, aparently by the cleaning crew. Luckily we had not left any valuables in our room and nothing was missing but nevertheless, not a plus when giving out a rating for this hotel. Oh did I mention how dark the hallways are. There is nothing worse than walking down a dimly lit hotel hallway at night! The bathroom again was small and lacked any place to hang clothing, etc.

If you’re looking for an decent place to stay, this is definately not it! Hilton or Marriott could teach them a thing or two about hospitality.