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Comfort Inn – Florence, SC

Comfort Inn – Florence, SC

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This Comfort Inn appears to be one of the older properties at the Florence exit. I remember travelling as a kid with my parents and Florence was the stop we made every year on the drive down to FL and Disney. I noticed that the Thunderbird Inn is still in business. Back then, which wasnt too long ago since I am 28 years old, I remember Florence being one exit (EXIT 164). Or maybe everything was at this one exit.

Currently, their are five interchanges for Florence, with some overlapping on nearby I-20 at exit 160A and 160B)

Now for the hotel. The property is made up of 4 buildings that extend back one behind the other. My room, Rm 263 was in the last building. The upstairs rooms are interior corridor type, meaning you climb a short flight of stairs and swipe the card key in the door to get into the hallway and then find your room. The lower rooms were motel type where your car pulled right up to the door.This property appeared to parallel the interstate but my room’s window faced the parking lot, where I had a nice view of my car. I noticed the interstate from the parking lot b/c I heard some trucks but inside my room, I heard nothing. Not even other people. (and their were quite a few cars parked in the area for rooms in my building). Speaking of hearing nothing, the infamous Freight Train I remember from years past and that some other folks have written of on previous posts–either it didnt come through or I just didnt hear it. I am not a light sleeper but I think the whistle blaring, as some have said it did in the past, and from what I remember would wake me up….well I didnt hear anything.

There was a laundry room directly at the foot of the stairs where the ice machine was. Someone appeared to be using the machines so I can vouch for the fact that they worked.

First off I had no complaints and would stay here again if the price was right and I was looking for a place to stay. I am not picky but I do tend to notice things. My room was a King bed room, non smoking with a microwave, tall mini fridge, a desk with a chair on wheels and a couch. Upon entering my room (ROOM 263), it was apparent that the room and building for that matter was a bit older. Let me give you an example. I noticed a space between the light switch plate in the bathroom and the wall. It wasnt falling off but I noticed it. The deadbolt thing that folds over the knob on the door was a little loose. THe door locked fine though using it and it also had a lock. That sort of thing when I mean the property was a bit older. However, the room was clean and oveall I felt the appearance was satisfactory. The sink and counters were clean as was the toilet and shower, which appeared to have a new shower curtain. Water pressure was fine. The bed was adequate. A word that came to mind this morning was possibly a bit lumpy in spots but I didnt wake up during the night. I only thought of thaat this morning. Sheets and Linins were clean. I check before I ever get in. Carpet was clean and appeared vacuumed. I placed some drinks and food in th fridge and some Wawa pretzels in the freezer. No problems there. TV reception was good, although I scanned though a bit before turning in early. Overall the room was the way it should be and I was happy.

Breakfast was good. Almost all Choice hotel properties offer a continental breakfast. I have had some unbelieveble ones where I questioned why they give you so much when its just a comfort inn–and I have had some that you grabbed a piece of fruit or cup of coffee and hit the road. This morning I grabbed two coffees for the road, in their insulated cups and lids that were provided. They had bagels, muffins and bread with a toasting machine. THey had a griddle with batter pre-poured to make waffles. I opted for this–my giant waffle was damn fine if I dont say so myself. Butter, jellies and syrup were provided. Fruit consisted of Oranges and apples. I grabbed two oranges for the road. They had coffee, juice (apple and OJ) milk and cereals. 7AM was the witching hour–I thank my lucky stars I checked out at 645am and then went to get breakfast. Everyone seemed to come in at 7AM. Checkout was smooth and pleasant.

One bit of advice–make sure you check your bill carefully b/c this is the second hotel in Florence (Sleep inn did this also) that will charge a 1.00 fee for an in room safe. It is clearly stated on your papers but it may not be clearly mentioned. It isnt a problem to waive the fee, which I did but they make you initial when you check in and if you dont read what you are initialing, you will be charged an extra buck regardless of if you use it.

I only know because of when I stayed at the Sleep inn and the manager happened to be there–she told me just to make sure and tell you do not want it.

Restaurants abound–I ate at FATZ CAFE which is a burger, steak, chicken place. Good food. Second time I ate there. Service was slow this time–and I opted to eat at the bar. Go figure.

Hope this helps those who consider staying in Florence. In my opinion, this exit overall is getting a bit congested and dumpy in spots but my hotel experiences at the Comfort Inn and Sleep Inn (numerous times) have been favorable.

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