Quality Inn International Drive – Orlando, FL

Sometimes everything is book up and you have to take what’s left… that’s what happened to us on a recent trip to Orlando. This Quality Inn was one of only a few with available rooms, so we booked it.

While we realized we were probably lucky we even found a place, it was still a disapointment. This Quality Inn is an older motel and, although it’s been renovated, it shows it’s age. Rooms were OK, with obvious wear and the grounds were cluttered with litter. Kids were everywhere, unattended and raising hell. Outside the room in the parking lot, someone was changing their oil. Get the picture? Can you guess what rating I would give this motel?


Fairfield Inn and Suites – Savannah, GA

This Fairfield Inn is a keeper. The rooms were nice, older but well maintained. The beds were comfortable. The management and staff were polite and made us feel welcomed. The surrounding area had a lot of dining options. It’s a well lit, safe feeling area.

This hotel is a perfect stop for 1st night (NJ to Orlando) leaving only a 1/2 day drive next day. In my opinion, this hotel is well worth the extra hour or so drive through the usual SC stops.


Executive Pacific Plaza – Seattle, WA

Located in the downtown area, this is a revamped, older builiding perfect for those looking for a good, safe place but still with a budget. If you have the $300 a nite, blow it somewhere else, if you have well…. as much money as we do (read: definetally not a lot) stay here. I have been here once before and am returning with husband in tow. Good points:

  • The rooms were redone in 2001.
  • The check-in guy, who doubles as the concierge knows all about the city.
  • It is within walking distance from all the major attractions, and they are happy to call a cab for those which aren’t.
  • The breakfast is a good size and open (as my husband says) normal hours , meaning, they don’t close at 9 a.m.
  • Good places to eat nearby
  • use of a parking structure on opposite corner

Bad points:

  • You have to understand this building is older, the rooms are not huge and spaceous. they are small hotel rooms, but there is plenty of space for two adults and a crib. heck, if you are carign that much about the size of the room, you need to get out more.
  • since they use the parking garage across the street, parking for your car is $14 plus tax== so don’t rent a car- unless you have to. also, request a room on the opposite side of the parking garage.
  • overall this is one heck of a great find.

Hyatt Regency – Savannah, GA

The Hyatt Regency is nice but very high priced. We had reservations 6 months in advance, and when we arrived they had no room for us. They ended up putting us up in a suite that had no bed so they rolled one in for us, and offered us free parking, breakfast and a very reasonable rate.

The room was beautiful, the top floor is overlooking river. It smelled kind of musty though. Very nice people.


Days Inn Airport – Bangor, ME

I stayed at the Days Inn Airport in Bangor Maine this past weekend. I booked it through this website. It sounded like an ok price until we got there. If this place is 3 stars then I’m the Queen of England. First, when you pull up, the appearance of the building alone, hints it is less than 3 stars, there are at least 2 huge craters in the parking lot, which have undoubtly caused some vehicle damage, or will.

Check in: One nasty assistant manager working, long line, they were not sure by their records if i had already paid for the room, so they said they would bill my credit card and if I get home and found I have paid twice for the room, then I can ask for a refund, I suggested I did not like that arrangement and maybe later when she wasn’t busy she could look into this, she wouldn’t. next,

The room: First, I did not get the advertised HBO, the said they havn’t had it for 10 years and added sarcastically, that, they had pay per view, so wouldn’t that defeat the purpose. the room had water stains on the ceiling that they tried, unsucessfully to paint over, maybe someone should tell them you need to repair the leak first, the heater, went off and on constantly, sounding like someone just started a car in the room, the heater would then melt the frozen condensation on the window forming a huge puddle on the heater, the first day we were there there were literally probably a hundred kids there, running wild through the halls and seemingly noone to stop them, and screaming, the pool, well it was too full of kids to actually use, but we wouldn’t have anyway, the air was cold, the water was like warm and the place was skievy, the was peeling paint in the pool. Do I have anything good to say? well the continental breakfast was edible, OH,I almost forgot, THE BED the king bed may as well have been a twin, it sloped you both to the middle of the bed, I guess mayby in that sence the could try to bill the place as romantic or something!! (kidding) well, anyway, stay away, and I would like to meet the person who gave them 3 stars, I book rooms based on these ratings , I have stayed in two stars that were better than this.