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Smart Suites – South Burlington, VT

Smart Suites – South Burlington, VT

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I have spent the 3 months in Smart Suites. It is fairly clean, relatively comfortable, and reasonably priced. However, if you are looking for excellent guest service, this is NOT the hotel for you. The staff is almost non-existent. Usually there is only one person on duty and since they cannot leave the front desk, they are limited on what they can do to help guests. Most of the staff is relatively friendly, but if unusual issues or problems arise they show little concern and take NO action to remedy the situation.

Likewise, there is little or no management oversight. Management is only on premises for a few hours during the day. If you have a problem checking in at 10pm on Friday night, don?t bother asking for the manager, there isn?t one available. Even if you track down the Manager, you will only get a lot of excuses and very little action. SOME EXAMPLES: The ?advertised? copy machine in the business center was broken and it took 3 weeks before it was replaced.

Local newspapers are supposed to be available at the front desk, however they were consistently gone by 8am. When this was addressed with the Manager she said she had recently increased the number of local papers delivered from 6 to 12, so she ?couldn?t understand? why they would all be gone. This situation repeated itself for almost 2 weeks before enough newspapers were ordered to meet the demand. My experience at other comparable hotels, is that if a guest asks for a newspaper and they are all gone, a member of the staff will be dispatched to get some more newspapers. In most cases, a good hotel would have set a newspaper back for that guest, or would have started putting them under that guest?s door each morning. However, at Smart Suites that kind of individualized service is beyond their comprehension.

On one occasion, I was forced out of my room for a day, due to maintenance. This was after I had made arrangements so that this would not happen, and was assured by the Manager that it was taken care of. Eventually, I was given another room (in the hotel across the parking lot). However, this didn?t happen until the last minute and turned into a huge hassle. Upon arriving back at my room, I was sure I would find a fruit basket or a box of chocolates with a note saying how sorry they were about the inconvenience, but of course, there was NOTHING. The Embassy Suites would have done something and the Residence Inn would have too, but not the Smart Suites.

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