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Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV

Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, NV

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My husband and I stayed here one night, and one night only. We had reserved and paid for a room near the top floor with a king size bed. When we got to the hotel, we were told all rooms were full, and that the room we had reserved was not going to be vacant because the current occupants decided they were going to stay longer. The lady told us we were in luck, there was a room (mid-building) that had two queen sized beds that would be vacant that day around 3pm, it needed to be cleaned. We’re an easy-going couple of people and told her no problem. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

When we got to the room (after it was “cleaned”), we noticed there were still empty beer bottles near the window that they missed, and some garbage in the closet. There were also nut shells on the carpet, and in front of the door. Again, I just shrugged it off; they were busy; and picked up the trash myself.

However, that night, we had to call security at 12 midnight because for the past hour we had been trying to ignore the party next door to us. For some reason, our room had a conjoining door to the room next to us, and the noise was coming right through as though the door was open. About half an hour later, we heard someone knock on their door and tell them they needed to keep it down, etc.

Half an hour later after that, we were awakened to even louder screaming and laughing, and now teenagers were running up and down the hallways, screaming. There were kids with beer running all over the place, and I could see other people coming out of their rooms, looking confused and angry. We called security again, and half an hour later we heard someone come up and knock on the door.

10 minutes later, someone kicks at the conjoining door and says, “F off!” but then we hear them leave. At 7am, we were awakened for the third time by this same group of college kids. This time we just got up, showered and went downstairs to have some breakfast and complain directly to a manager.

We waited almost an hour in line to get to the front desk, and politely explained about the problems we were having with our room. The lady got the manager on duty, and after we explained to him what was going on, he rudely said, “Oh, what… were you looking for compensation or something?”

Well, not before we weren’t, but after that comment, I told him hell yes I did. This is how they treat their customers? The ones who are quiet and spend quite a bit in the hotel casinos and restaurants? The shift manager smugly told us that they don’t do anything about noisy customers unless they are complained about three times. So basically, the fact that we didn’t call at 7am when we were woken up AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME was why nothing was going to be done.

This experience really left me with a bad impression of this hotel, and I will never stay there again.

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