Best Western Seven Seas – San Diego, CA

WOW! I know it’s a simple word, but it also conveys the truly remarkable jewel of a hotel you have in the Best Western Seven Seas in San Diego. Anyone to say that a hotel is just a hotel obviously has never visited the Seven Seas. I know many hotels will survey their guests to hopefully get a feel for their experience often ranging from definitely never stay here again to absolutely would stay here again.

Absolutely, while a powerful word, does not come close to the deep seated loyalty I have towards the Seven Seas. From a scale of 1 to 10, the Best Western Seven Seas scores a 100. Yes, 100! There are no other hotels in its category. The caliber of their performance is that which is on par (based on my personal experience) with Westin in Vail, the Fountainbleu in Miami, and the Hilton Rainbow Towers in Honolulu. In fact, my perception of Best Western Hotels has increased many times based on their performance. And, I would seek out Greystone Hospitality owned hotels any time I’d venture to the West Coast.

How does one achieve such loyalty, you may ask? Well, it is all about the service and the amenities. Friendly people? Ones like Joe Toczylowski (General Manager) and Jessica Foster (Government/Corporate Sales Manager) who bend a little to allow for accommodations. Smiling housekeeping staff, and Restaurant personnel more helpful than many Maitre d?s add to the total experience. And amenities? wow?. ?THE? amenities! Let?s see?
Complimentary Breakfast
Complimentary Buffet Dinner
Complimentary *censored*tail
Heated Pool
Exercise Room
Central Laundry
High-Speed Internet Access
Pool Party
Free Caricatures
Free Luggage Tags
Attraction Shuttle
Complimentary Movie Tickets
Complimentary Padres? Tickets

All these and more! Fantastic!!!
So, in a world that is always geared to attracting new customers, this wise management group has found its niche in creating customer loyalty to retain their guests. What a brilliant marketing plan! Needless to say, WHENEVER I am in San Diego or even in the general vicinity, there is only one hotel that I will consider, THE BEST WESTERN SEVEN SEAS!


Ramada Inn and Suites Gas Lamp District – San Diego, CA

The statement ” you get what you pay for” was certainly true of this hotel. The price was great, but that’s about it.

We stayed there for one week and the desk staff was not overly friendly for most of our stay. The rooms were clean, but very small and cramped. Our double bed had bottom sheets that did not cover the entire mattress and we arrived back to our room one evening to find our door unlocked (apparently carelessly left unlocked by the cleaning lady.) This was a big no-no. Luckily we had not left any valuables in our room and nothing was missing but nevertheless, not a plus when giving out a rating for this hotel. The bathroom again was small and lacked any towel bars or places to hang clothing, etc. No handles or stability bar in the tub for elderly people either.

Again, if you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay, the location is good, but this hotel is definitely no frills!